Smart Cat Toy

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Smart Cat Toy

About this item

Upon being turned on, cat ball will automatically move, attracting cats to chase and capture it. Cat busy to chases irregular moving ball, make great daily fun. Cat ball toy moving like real wildlife , Stir cat's hunting instincts, making fabulously enjoyment.

The surface of the cat ball is made of Silica gel. The silicone kitten toy ball not only rolls quietly, but also increases friction, and is both bite-resistant and durable. All materials are safety for cats. The LED lights will be on when the ball is operating to attach your cat's attention.

Design in motion sensor detecting Cat interact with ball, Cat ball automatic rolling & moving and stop. Cats play toy to wake up ball moving. And it keep your cats a good play-rest balance. No more trouble you switch toy on-off again and again.

Thanks to the built-in intelligent motion sensor, The cat ball is able to reverse itself and move away when hitting an obstacle or tight spots. No need to worry about it getting stuck in the corner. The 43mm tiny size won't scare your kitty.

Upgrade to rechargeable battery inside by USB charging cable as accessory. No need paid extra money to buy battery. Specially designed for cats and kittens. It is suitable for hard floors, not great on carpets. In addition, the ball is not waterproof.