Wine Bottle Stopper

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Wine Bottle Stopper

About this item

This wine stoppers is suitable for most wine bottles. With this wine stopper, your wine can maintain its original flavor after opening. The use of a vacuum stoppers can significantly enhance the drinking experience.

Insert the wine stopper vertically into the wine bottle, Don't skew.Step two: Exhaust the air by pressing the top of the wine stopper, Until you can't press it.When you want to enjoy good wine, Open the stopper, Shake left and right to pull out.

Our wine stopper built in vacuum value and made of high quality and durable ABS & Food Grade Silicone. It's safe to human body, non- toxic and tasteless, high-class wine accessory. Suitable for most red/white wine bottles.

This wine bottle stopper, just pump the vacuum wine stopper several times until it sucks itself tightly. 100% seal anti-leakage.This will help preserve the wine's flavor and keep the wine tasting fresh up to 10 days. It preserves better than the original cork and prolongs freshness.

This wine stopper is suitable for family, restaurant, bar.It's a perfect gift in the eyes of wine lovers, Suitable for giving to them on Christmas, birthday, father's day, and anniversary.