For stubborn nails or those with a longer formation time, we recommend using this product in combination with our “Nail Repair Essence” for the best results.

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Nail Care Gel

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  • Quick & Easy-To-Use Solution
  • Safe, Non-Invasive & Chemical-Free Treatment
  • Easy To Use & Apply At Home



Adopts a molecular needle penetration technique and a brand-new formula can deeply penetrate to the nail bed to soften the texture of your nails, kill the stubborn fungal and repair the damaged nail bed with rich nutrition to accelerate the regrowth of nail or toe with restored health.

Enrich with gentle and eco-friendly herbal extract essence, non-irritating and no side effect for long time safe use.

Easy to operate, it can help improve rugged irregularity, dull color and caduceus appearance to regain the smooth luster gradually after a continuous use.

Nail Care Gel

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